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Low inertia
20,000 RPM Biconic Air Bearing Spindle with Clamp

Elimination of the heavier clamp adapter and development of a line of lightweight clamps that interface directly with the spindle rotor empowered Seagull to transform the original Bi-Conic Air Bearing to meet higher performance goals than were previously attainable.  Superior radial and angular load capacity and rugged high speed performance derived from the original Bi-conic ABS are matched in the Low Inertia Bi-conic ABS.

Features as shown:

1) 20,000 rpm high angular capacity, low air consumption, ABS
2) Integral ultra low cogging Brushless DC Motor
3) 30K rated 1024 line differential optical encoder
4) Integral motor fan
5) Integral Evacuation Shroud for total particulate control
6) 3-1/2" tall aluminum Seagull Collet Clamp
7) True Crash Proof Technology

Spindle specifications (biconic)
Speed (max) 20,000rpm
standard motor 12,000rpm
Axial rotational error (repeatable) <20 µ in
Axial rotational error (non-repeatable) <1 µ in
Radial rotational error (repeatable) <20 µ in
Radial rotational error (non-repeatable) <1 µ in
Maximum Axial load 100 lbs
Maximum Radial load (dual plane) 90 lbs
Maximum Radial load (single plane) 40 lbs
Axial stiffness 346,000 lbs/inch
Radial stiffness (dual plane) 400,000 lbs/inch
Radial stiffness (single plane) 218,000 lbs/inch
Angular stiffness 412,000 in-lbs
Polar inertia (spindle only) .0225 oz-in-sec²
Polar inertia (25mm clamp with 1.000 'Z' and .0315'' disk) .0369 oz-in-sec²

low interia cross section