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Welcome to Seagull Solutions Inc.

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Seagull Solutions, Inc. maintains our competitive edge by providing innovative solutions to our customers. Recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of air bearing spindles, clamps and custom applications, the company is guided by the needs of the latest data storage, semiconductor and industrial device manufacturing technology.

Seagull Solutions credits it's leadership position to a highly qualified engineering support staff. The company approaches each customers unique requirements with unmatched experience, responsive turnaround and highly competitive pricing.

Seagull has developed a strong technology base for innovative air bearing spindle systems. Designed specifically to address critical industry objectives, rather than applying the "one size fits all" mentality, we strive to apply strong core capability strengths to best tailor our product response. This results in highly functional products with key features designed in, not added on. Product versatility is achieved by adopting the "cartridge bearing" approach where the customer mounting flange can be of any configuration and set in any location needed. The highly efficient air pass through for clamp handles both vacuum and pressure. Multiple clamp interfaces are available to support legacy clamps as well as our latest ultra low inertia products. Seagull spindles are fully compatible with legacy Seagull and MCS controllers as well as the latest Trust Automation linear controller. Seagull proprietary encoders are solid performers well past 30k rpm.

Seagull Solutions, Inc.: Bridging the gap between Technical Innovation and Precisions Manufacturing.


For more info please email us at or contact our office at 408-778-1127