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Original biconic
20,000 RPM Biconic Air Bearing Spindle with Clamp Adpater

High speed, excellent angular stiffness and capacity, Crash-Proof, low rotary inertia, excellent velocity control and  flexible packaging defined the Original Bi-Conic bearing. The modular configuration allowed the bearing to feature almost any mounting flange location and bolt pattern. Additionally most any tooling adapter could be easily integrated. As Seagull had pioneered the 2" BC pattern with the male 1-1/2" precision pilot, most were sold in this configuration. Substantial quantities were also sold with competitors patterns as field replacements by customer demand. This spindle was responsible for putting our service department out of business due to a lack of returns.

Features as shown:

1) Integral Fan Cooled Brushless DC non-cogging motor
2) Integral 1024 line differential encoder
3) Integral particulate Evacuation Shroud.
4) Moveable mounting flange for maximum versitility
5) Industry Standard 2.0" piloted clamp mounting interface (others available)
6) Large installed base

Spindle specifications (biconic)
Speed (max) 20,000rpm
standard motor 12,000rpm
Axial rotational error (repeatable) <20 µ in
Axial rotational error (non-repeatable) <1 µ in
Radial rotational error (repeatable) <20 µ in
Radial rotational error (non-repeatable) <1 µ in
Maximum Axial load 100 lbs
Maximum Radial load (dual plane) 90 lbs
Maximum Radial load (single plane) 40 lbs
Axial stiffness 346,000 lbs/inch
Radial stiffness (dual plane) 400,000 lbs/inch
Radial stiffness (single plane) 218,000 lbs/inch
Angular stiffness 412,000 in-lbs
Polar inertia (spindle only) .0225 oz-in-sec²
Polar inertia (25mm clamp with 1.000 'Z' and .0315'' disk) .0369 oz-in-sec²

Biconic cross section