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Standard Biconic mark 2
30,000 RPM Biconic Air Bearing Spindle with Clamp Adpater

Developed for customers that desire improved performance while retaining there existing inventory of disk clamps.

This is accomplished by adding a light weight clamp addapter to Seagull's ultra low inertia spindle. Should faster acceleration/deceleration requirements be needed in the future simply remove the adapter and upgrade to one of Seagull's lightweight disk clamps

Features as shown:

1) 30,000 rpm capability
2) Excellent for temperature chamber work due to neutral air gap expansion 
3) Lower inertia than legacy Bi-Conic
4) Can be upgraded to Ultra Low Inertia configuration 
5) Three year warranty
6) Vacuum Shroud standard
7) Total Particulate Control option available

Spindle specifications (biconic)
Speed (max) 20,000rpm
standard motor 12,000rpm
Axial rotational error (repeatable) <20 µ in
Axial rotational error (non-repeatable) <1 µ in
Radial rotational error (repeatable) <20 µ in
Radial rotational error (non-repeatable) <1 µ in
Maximum Axial load 100 lbs
Maximum Radial load (dual plane) 90 lbs
Maximum Radial load (single plane) 40 lbs
Axial stiffness 346,000 lbs/inch
Radial stiffness (dual plane) 400,000 lbs/inch
Radial stiffness (single plane) 218,000 lbs/inch
Angular stiffness 412,000 in-lbs
Polar inertia (spindle only) .0225 oz-in-sec²
Polar inertia (25mm clamp with 1.000 'Z' and .0315'' disk) .0369 oz-in-sec²

standard biconic 2 cross section